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    Narcotics Anonymous Questions

    Any Narcotics Anonymous questions about public relations or NA in general. Also please consider the phone number below.

    Literature Questions

    Questions related to buying and selling literature on the website

    Basic News Newsletter

    Please refer any questions or requests for the basic news editor  by choosing Basic News Newsletter as the recipient. The basic newsletter is no longer available for download on our website. You may or may not be able to get one at your favorite Meeting. You can request one be emailed to you by choosing The Basic News Newsletter as the recipient.

    Website Questions

    Login questions. Please see the login instructions page for any questions related to the website.For example; broken links, spelling mistakes, unapproved content, etc. You can also use this option to ask for info to be posted.

    Information Helpline

    604-873-1018 or toll free 1-866-683-6819

    Vancouver Area Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous

    PO BOX 1695 Stn A

    Vancouver, BC, V6C 2P7