VASC Email List

List of VASC Email Addresses

Below you will find list of Vancouver Area email addresses for your reference. Please contact or use the form on the contact us page about any missing Groups/Meetings.
These can be used to login to the website to order literature. A universal password has been created so GSR members can help other members who do not know the password and so there are less abandoned accounts on the website. Also using one account per group will help create a record of invoices for future reference. For instance if one person places an order and a different person needs to pick it up and forgets the cost or what is on it the invoice will be readily accessible to view online. Also it has all the other email addresses in the contacts and groups created for easy notice/reminder mailings

Group Service Rep Email List

Addicts With New Hope

Clean Freaks

The Clean Life

Usual Suspects

Third Tradition

The Exchange

Freakn Miracles

The Lodge

Never Alone

Promise of Freedom

Women in Recovery

The Victory Group

Awakening of the Spirit

Little Meeting in Kits

Life Begins Today

Persian NA Meeting

Devious Frightened Loners

Eye Of The Storm

New Pair of Shoes

No Matter What

Step Up

Step One Meeting

Keep Coming Back

Return To Grace

Candle In The Window

The Alternative

Lust For Life

New Attitudes

New Directions

Freedom Fridays

Growing Circle

Readings Rainbows Unicorns

Steps to Serenity

North Shore NA

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